A Word of Thanks from Mark Crossan- August 30 2012

"I would like to say a big thank you for your part in my success. I moved to Old Links after one coaching session as a 12 handicap back in 2010. I have since achieved things I never thought I would. I have broken par for the first time and made a Ryder Cup style tournament with Virgin Atlantic last year in Orlando (and I am currently in a qualifying position this year). Now, just two years on, my handicap is down to 3.9 and most importantly I should be heading Stateside next August to start a Golf Scholarship.

I have been working very hard at my game. It hasn't just been the lessons that have helped; I've been able to come to you when I've had problems days before tournaments and been worrying about them. You brought me into the studio for five minutes to look at the swing and, as simple as that, gave me a quick fix which solved my problems. We have worked on every aspect of my game (Long, Short, Putting, Mental, Routine, Fitness, Equipment, etc.) and you have always believed in me.

And now with the eBook you will be able to still coach my swing while I am in America as easily as if I was in the studio.

Thanks again,
Mark Crossan"


Neil Atherton's Complete Success- August 16 2012

What Neil Had To Say
Neil scored an impressive net 67 and sums it up in his own words:

"Since joining such a superb club and taking my golf very seriously I organized a Complete Game and Equipment Solution with Daniel and his team. Soon enough Dave - the Golf Geek - had me in The Golf Studio, analyzing my clubs. He promised he would find me some yardage and after a few hits with the RBZ clubs I suspected he might be right. Over a period of a few weeks he fitted me out for TaylorMade RBZ Irons and Woods I have been having regular lessons with Dave (including playing lessons) and working hard on all aspects of my game since. A lot of effort has especially been committed to the short game, on how to turn three shots into two, and a large chunk of time has been dedicated to putting. I have mainly played on Parkland Courses, so this area has continually been a challenge for me.

On Saturday I played really steadily on the front nine with seven pars and two bogies. All putts and chips on the front nine nestled within a couple of feet of the holes, so was able to maintain a good score. On the 10th I got up and down from a bunker for a birdie and on the 11th, after a wind assisted drive, I hit a low running chip, which is new skill I have had to adopt, to within two yards and holed the putt.
Neil and Dave

This was followed by four dropped shots in three holes (13 through 15) which set me back to +4 as I surveyed my ball in the 16th greenside bunker. I set up as I have done hundreds of times in my lessons with Dave and watched the ball stop less than two feet from the pin, and the putt was duly holed. That settled me down and, two pars later, a Gross 76, Nett 67, was signed for.

I feel so much more confident since having my fitting and continual lessons as I am more aware of how far the ball travels with each club and what I need to do when I get in bunkers or tough spots. Another aspect that is being drilled into me is course management. This is advocated a lot during the playing lessons and gives you a whole different outlook on how to play SAOL.

I have seen my handicap drop two shots since the fitting and coaching, and can only reiterate that for the vast majority of club handicappers this is the way to go."


Ken's R11s Fitting with the Golf Geek- May 24 2012

I recently made the decision to purchase a new driver. After researching the different brands I decided to upgrade my TaylorMade R7 with a TaylorMade R11s. I chose to go to St Annes Old Links to have the club fitted.

On meeting Dave, the club fitter and pro, we discussed what I wanted to achieve with a new driver. Which was an easy to answer; to reduce my slice off the tee. After hitting some shots with my own driver Dave explained the figures on the computer and what needed to be done to improve.

Dave then set up the new R11s and I hit a few shots with it and noticed a slight improvement. He then introduced an impact bag and got me to take the driver and hit into this bag; after 5 or 6 hits on the bag I then went back to hitting a ball again. We went through this routine a few times. At the end of this process my numbers had improved quite substantially, my distance had improved by almost 50 yards - yes, 50 yards - but more amazing was my slice had gone and I even had a slight draw. After discussing these results with Dave I decided to buy the new driver and I am going to book further sessions in the studio with Dave for coaching.

I can recommend the whole process as there was no hard sell, Dave just let the numbers speak for themselves and kept his coaching advice plain and simple and easy to follow.

Ken Boardman


Anne Williams - Lesson Success- March 24 2009

I'd like to say thank you for the lesson I had a couple of weeks ago. As you know, I was really down about my golf as things had been going badly for a while. An hour with you in the swing studio has quickly put me back on the right track, in fact Rita & I won the Ladies Greensome Competition on Tuesday 17th (gross 93, less 22.4 net 70.6).

I know that I have had lessons in the past, but the this was my first in the studio, and it was really interesting to be able to see what I was doing wrong, and then how to correct it - there was also the added advantage of being warm dry!!.

So thanks once again.
Anne Williams


Golf Studio Proves great success for Colin Nicoll- March 23 2010

"Hi Danny, just a note to thank you for your support and advice in identifying a driver to suit my game. The use of the golf studio was not only a great experience but your analysis of my swing from the video capture helped me understand the problems that I needed to address. The Ping R15 is great and has boosted my confidence off the tee. Look forward to my next time in the studio when we focus on the short game.

Colin Nicoll


Alan Sayburn - Lesson Success- February 16 2009

Just thought I would let you know how much I am enjoying my lessons in your new studio. Apart from the fact that it's good to have a winter lesson in a warm environment, the launch monitor is excellent and gives really good feedback (you can't argue when faced with facts).

At the start of my first lesson my ball speed was 65, at the end of it (with your help) it had increased to 75 and after my second lesson it had risen to 82.5. I really am very impressed with the whole set up and look forward to improving different aspects of my game.



Peter McCaffery- December 12 2011

Daniel, thank you for the lesson 3 weeks ago. This weekend is the first time I have played since the lesson. At the moment I can't believe how straight I have been off the tee. I know you can't relax to much and think that's it I have cracked it, but I can say that this weekend the majority of my tee shots were straight and longer than before I had the lesson.

I still need to continue at the driving range but up to now that was the best £40 I have spent in a long long time.

Thank you.


Ian Morgan- November 09 2011

With a great session just over a month ago and having some what of a eureka moment with the swing, I feel I am 70-80% there and a little bit of fine tuning is needed for the next coaching session.

I have got the concept of the the swing and rotating back (as in kicking the football we went over) and also the stance to give myself freedom in swing and when the swing is good I can feel the difference.

I feel with what I've been doing on or chipping exercises has also improved and I can see in the game it's saved me shots or if not it's from bad judgement on club selection by me.


Looking forward to Friday as I say to hopefully polish up what I've been working on.

- Ian

James enjoys his Custom Fitting experience- November 19 2012

Dan - Just a brief note to say how much I enjoyed the whole"custom fitting" experience with Dave last Tuesday. The results certainly speak for themselves, but what they don't show is the manner in which Dave approaches & structures the session. Nothing was too much trouble and very much treated as an individual. No clock watching and showed a genuine interest and passion for what he was doing. Delighted with the purchase. We are extremely fortunate at Old Links to have such a great "facility" on our doorstep backed up by a great "team" who stand ready to help and assist with all manner of golf issues. Keep up the great work. Regards James


George Newburn Lands First Place- October 18 2012

"Hi Dan,

Just to let you know, I am really pleased with how my game has improved since our last session.

I managed to score 42 points at Fairhaven last week off the yellows (no bunkers) and on Saturday finished 1 point off 1st place with 39 points - again, no bunkers.

Thank you for your guidance and support.



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